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This site is disposable to (" The Site)" is published by Movitra, a mark of Movitra S.r.l. ("Movitra") recorded in the register of the enterprises with the address Road Luigi Sacco, 8, 20146, Milan. VAT: 09044600964.

  1. The access for the site and the utilisation of his contents they are subject to the next terms and conditions on property and rights of author ("It ends"). The act of entering and sailing in this site from the Internet user implies the full acceptance and without reserves of the next clause.
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In any case, each copy or partial copy from each material must include information about the exclusive property of Movitra as any another information about the property contained in the Material itself.

  1. Marks "Movitra", logotypes "Movitra" and all the other graphic marks and / or figurative contents and visualised in the Site in any way and in relation to any use, recorded he is or I lead, I am and they will remain of exclusive Movitra property and it is forbidden expressly for any motive or reason, the reproduction, the distribution, the publication, the broadcasting, the modification in all or in part and the sale also only for personal use and not for commercial or professional reasons.
  2. It is forbidden expressly to record, to file, to multiply copies, to reproduce, to publish later on, to show, to exhibit, to carry out, to broadcast, to distribute, to transfer, to translate, to transpose, to modify or to sell the material also partially (there are these images, photographies, texts, video, marks and in general the elements and the materials and any disposable creative expression on this site) in any shape or with any means (electronic, mechanical, computerised, by means of photocopy, print, microfilm, magnetic records on any support, included CD-ROM or other) without previous authorisation written about Movitra. The Materials are of exclusive property, or whichever in legitimate possession and use of Movitra, which does not assume any responsibility and it does not supply any guarantee, for any reason, for the use from the User from any material to be included, for illegitimate all that.
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  7. All the images, photographies, texts, video, marks and in general the elements and the materials and any creative expression sent to the Site and / or Movitra, with the alone exception of the personal data (name, surname and e-mail) as indicated in succession, will be treated as not booked and attributed irrevocabilmente and freely, with their presentation or dispatch, to Movitra. Making a dispatch or I send by post, the received with pleasure user that Movitra has the right (but I do not oblige him) of copying, recording, filing, any more copies, transferring, translating, transposing, modifying, selling, publishing, distributing or using such a dispatch or dispatch for any reason, without compensation for you or for any other person, if not expressly I set up the law.
  8. The user is and the only responsible person will remain for any dispatch at the site of images, photographies, texts, video, marks, elements, materials and any creative expression.
  9. For questions not disciplined with these terms and conditions, here it refers only to the Italian law. Any not entity in these conditions does not involve the nullity or the nullity of other anyone, which must keep on being therefore completely effective.
  10. In the case in which there must rise a controversy relative to the Privacy Policy & Legal Notice, or any Order, such a controversy will be subjected to arbitration in Italy.


Owner of the mark Movitra Movitra S.r.l. the responsible person of the treatment of the data (" Society)" in succession supplies, with reference to the article 13 of the legislative decree No 196/2003 (Code in point of protection of the personal data), the recommendation No 2/2001 of the group of work instituted in accordance with the article 29 of the directive 95 / 46 / Council of Europe and legislative decree No 679/2016, some information relative to the treatment of the personal data during the visit to the Web site.

Holder and responsible person of the treatment (DPO) is Giuseppe Pizzuto, the data they are filed in Movitra S.r.l. with legal seat in Road Luigi Sacco, 8, 20146, Milan. VAT: 09044600964.

  • Harvesting and treatment of the personal data
  • Navigation data
  • The information systems and the procedures software preferred to the functioning of this Web site acquisiscono personal data within the bounds of their normal functioning; the broadcasting of such data is an intrinsic characteristic of the protocols of communication of Internet.

    Such information is not picked up in order to connect them with identified interested parties, still, they might allow the identification of the user of for after having been been elaborated and you combine to data held by third persons.

    This data category includes the addresses IP and / or the names of domination of the computers used by any user who joins to this Web site, the addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​ requested resources, the time of such requests, the method used for the dispatch of determined asked the server, dimension of the returned file, a numerical code relative to the state of the answer of the server (carried out correctly, error, and so on) and other parametres relative to the operative system of the user and the environment of the computer.

    These data are used with the alone purpose of extracting anonymous statistical information about the use of the Web site and to check the functioning of it; they are cancelled immediately after the elaboration. The data might be used for the responsibility verification in case of hypothetical information crimes to the damages of the site.

    Data supplied voluntarily

    Some pages of the Web site require to supply personal information. In such a case, they will be supplied the information in accordance with the article 13 of the legislative decree No 196/2003 and of the legislative decree No 679/2016 relative to the treatment of the personal data in relation to all the estimated aims.

    Data supply

    With exception of all that precedes, as far as it regards the navigation data, the conferment of the data for other reasons is optional. If such data are not supplied, it might be impossible to pursue.

    Aim of the treatment and sphere of the communication

    Movitra will deal with your personal data for the technical administration of the Web site and other reasons.

    Your data will be treated as employees and collaborators of named Movitra responsible for the treatment.

    Your personal information can be elaborated at societies of trust that unwind activity of technical and organizational nature for our account. These companies are our partner societies managed with the list of responsible persons of the treatment of the data.

    Particularly, as far as it regards the treatment of the data carried out through the Web site, Movitra has named like responsible person of the treatment the society that carries out the technical management and the maintenance of the Web site.

    Their list is constantly updated and disposable at request contacting the below address or sending an e-mail to

    If you decide to share the contents of this Web site with the social network, your data will be visualised by other Facebook users and / or Twitter and will be transferred out of the European Union, in the United States of America.

    Other information regarded the sphere of the communication and of the diffusion of the personal data must be supplied to the user in specific areas of the Web site.

    Elaboration methods

    Your personal data will be dealt using information tools for the time necessary to achieve the reasons therefore such data have been picked up.

    Specific certainty measures are observed to forestall the loss of the data, illicit or not correct uses and not authorised accesses.

    Your rights

    It is possible in any moment to obtain freely the annulment, the conversion in anonymous shape, the copy, the updating, the equalisation or the integration or a block of the data dealt in violation of law as provided at the article 7 of the legislative decree No 196/2003 and at the legislative decree No. 679/2016, that is shown in full below.

    In case of request of annulment of the data, the interested party has right to the oblivion.

    You have the right in any moment of being opposed against any treatment of your personal data made for commercial reasons and of marketing in general and, for legitimate reasons, of being opposed against the treatment of your data for other reasons.

    To exercise your rights, you can contact the below address or send an e-mail to


    Holder and Responsible person of the treatment

    Holder and responsible person of the treatment (DPO) is Giuseppe Pizzuto, the data they are filed in Movitra S.r.l. with legal seat in Road Luigi Sacco, 8, 20146, Milan. VAT: 09044600964.

    Our general approach is turned on the conservation of the personal data of the client only until it is necessary for the pursuit of the reasons for which they have been picked up. Generally we keep the personal data of the client for five years from the end of our report or from the last contact with the client, unless the local laws decide differently. In some cases, still, we can keep the personal data for longer periods of time, for example there where asked by us in conformity with the legal, fiscal or bookkeeping requirements.

    In specific cases we can keep also the personal data of the client for time periods longer than they correspond to the applicable limits established by the law in the way of possessing an accurate documentation of the negotiations of the client with us in case of claims or controversies.

    Legislative decree No 679/2016 (Right of access for the personal data and other rights)

    1. The interested party has right of obtaining the confirmation of the existence or less personal data that regard it, independently the fact that they are already recorded, and the communication of such data in intelligible shape.
    2. The interested party has right of obtaining the indication:
      1. a) of the fountain of the personal data;
      2. b) aims and manner of the treatment;
      3. c) of the logic applied to the treatment, this last is made by the help of electronic means;
      4. d) identified data relative to the holder of the treatment, to the responsible persons of the treatment and to the representative designated in accordance with the Section 5 (2);
      5. e) entities or categories of entity to which or which the personal data can be informed of and who or what it can come to knowledge to quality of designated representative / on the territory of the state, computer / that of data or person / e) delegate of the treatment.

    The interested party has right of obtaining, in free way:

    1. a) updating, correction or, in case it is an interest, integration of the data; in case of request of annulment of the data, the interested party has right to the oblivion
    2. b) annulment, anonimizzazione or block of the data dealt in violation of law, included those the conservation of which is not necessary in relation to the reasons for which they have been picked up or subsequently dealt;
    3. c) certification according to which the operations of which to the letters a) eb) have been communicated, also in relation to their content, the entities to which or the data have been communicated or I spread, unless such a requirement proved to be impossible or involved an obviously disproportionate effort compared to the right that must be a protege.

    The interested party has right of being opposed, in all or in parte:

    1. a) a) for reasons legitimate to the treatment of the personal data that regard it, though pertinent with the purpose of the harvesting;
    2. b) to the treatment of personal data that regard it with purposes of dispatch from advertising material or from direct sale or for the fulfilment of soundings markets or of commercial communication.

    Privacy of the on-line business

    This business on-line ("Business") is managed by Movitra, a mark of Movitra S.r.l., Road Luigi Sacco, 8, 20146, Milan. VAT: 09044600964 ("Movitra"). This politics on the privacy covers only the information picked up in this Business and offline of Movitra does not cover the picked up information, if not differently specified in the present document. This politics on the privacy is published to inform you about the type of information that we pick up, as there are managed, with whom they can be shared, which choices you have with regard to our use of your data and as you can enter some of the data that you supply to us. On the privacy it can be dawned and modified this politics in any moment without notice. You are invited reference to this politics to do on continuative base in the way of including our present politics on the privacy. Entering and using this Business, it accepts the politics indicated in succession.

    Information picked up by Movitra

    It is possible that comes to you asked of supplying information with personal identification in several moments and places in this Business. In any cases, if you choose not to supply the requested information to us, it might not be able to enter all this Business or participate in all the his functionality. We receive and memorise any information of personal identification that you insert into the Store, which we receive each time that you purchase with on-line Movitra or that supply to us in any other way, like e-mail, telephone or text. To exemplifying headline, we can pick up the next information of personal identification: name, address, number of telephone, number of cell-phone, number of licence of guide, given of birth and I address e-mail. If you use a credit card, we will include also your number of account. From time to time in relation to soundings contributed to prizes or promotions, we might ask for further information as the preferences of the planner or of the product, the interests and your age.

    As Movitra uses the picked up information

    The picked up personal data are used for the next reasons:

    1. a) to satisfy your requests of services
    2. b) to complete the purchase orders
    3. c) to supply, to maintain and clients improve our service
    4. d) to carry out to any legal obligation like those relative to the accountancy, to the taxes or otherwise asked at the court
    5. e) to offer products, newsletter, lists and brochure or invites to events that might interest you for Movitra account
    6. f) to be enquired about the state of your orders
    7. g) to identify the preferences relative to products and services, in order to inform the user as to new or additional products, services or promotions that might be of his interest for Movitra account

    Others with whom Movitra shares your information

    The elaboration of the information of the personal data is made by internal Movitra staff and can be shared between all the entities Movitra. Sometimes, the picked up data can be supplied to third persons who attend it with the products and the services that we offer. For example, we might co-operate with an external society for (i) ((iii)) manage database of information about the clients, ((ii)) assistance in the e-mail distribution, assistance in the harvesting of data ((iv)) to supply registration and analysis, ((v)) to supply prevention with the frauds and (there) other suppliers of services of third parts that maximise our activity. These third parts are held to keep reserved all the information that we share with them and to use the information you supply only to carry out to their obligations in accordance with agreements with us. In any moment you can ask, in completely free way, for the annulment or the modification of your data also at the database of the clients' of third parts.

    We might transfer or to share a copy of the personal information about you in the case in whose Movitra or one of his properties, branches or subsidiaries undergo a company transition, like a fusion, to be acquired by another society or to sell a part of his activities. You will receive a notification via e-mail or a relief notice on our Web site of the Business before a change of property or control of your personal information if your personal information will be used in contrast with this politics. Not at all in this politics on the privacy it is still meant to interfere with the Movitra ability of transferring in all or in part his affairs or properties to a society affiliated or third independent part in any moment, for any reason, without any limitation. Movitra books expressly the right for himself to transfer or to share a copy of the information of personal identification picked up at his Business to the buyer of that part of his commercial activity relative to such information.

    We might supply access for the information when legally asked to do it, to co-operate with police inquiries or other legal progresses, to protect against the improper or not authorised use of our Business, to bound our legal responsibility and to protect our rights or to protect the rights, the property or the certainty of the visitors of this Business or of the public.


    It is our intention to protect from loss, improper use or alteration of the information that we have picked up at you or received by a partner. We undertake to take all the reasonable measures to guarantee the adequate certainty and confidential nature of the personal data dealt to hamper the access or not authorised use of the data and of the equipment used for the elaboration

    Privacy of the smallest

    The protection of the privacy of the smallest is important for Movitra. Our site is a site of general public. We do not pick up or keep information from them who we know really about age inferior to 16 years and no part of our site is destined to attract persons of age inferior to 16 years. Besides, we do not send correspondence e-mail to anybody who informs us it be 16 years younger without the consent of the parents. We exhort parents and guardians to be announced to the on-line activities of the own children and to use the parental control or other technologies of filtering web to check the access of the smallest for Internet.


    Declaration extended on the use of the cookie

    In accordance with the article 13 of the legislative decree No 196/2003 (Data Protection Act) and to the measure emanated from the Italian authority by the protection of the personal data legislative Decree No 679/2016, Movitra, like commercial mark of the Society Shoe factory Movitra Srl (Movitra), with the present time supplies the next information about the use of the cookie about the own Web site

    That there are the cookie?

    A cookie is a short lace of text that is sent to the browser and, if possible, saved on a computer, on a smartphone or on any another device used for entering Internet, each time what a Web site is visited. We use the cookie for different reasons, in order to offer a swift and sure digital experience, for example, allowing to maintain an active connection to the restricted area during the navigation through the pages of the site; to file the letters of credit in sure manner; and to identify the pages of the site that have already been visited, in order to prevent what they are reproposed.

    The cookie memorised on the computer cannot be used for recovering other data with the rigid disc or for broadcasting information viruses or for identifying and for using the address e-mail of the owner. Each cookie is only for the browser and the device used for entering the Web site.

    The cookie used by Movitra and their reason

  • Technical Cookie
  • Cookie of Navigation
        • These cookie are necessary to sail in the Movitra site; they qualify functions as the authentication; validazione; management of a session of navigation; and prevention of the frauds. It is cookie that:
        • To allow to verify that the access for the Restricted area it has happened correctly;
        • To allow to sail easily between the pages of the site.
        • Your preventive consent is not necessary for the use of these cookie.
  • Cookie of Functionality
        • These cookie supply additional functions and allow us to hold trace of the choices of the visitor, like the selection of the language. It is cookie that:
        • You allow to remember the preferences and the used letters of credit.
  • Analytical Cookie
      • These cookie of third parts allow to pick up information about the use of the Site from the users. It is cookie that:
      • Allow you to discover the number of visitors to the site ; the pages you visit ; the time spent visiting the site etc.).
      • Social and profiling cookies
      • These third-party cookies allow users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter). They are cookies that :
      • Allow the sharing of content of the site through social networks
  • Cookie of Profilation
      • These cookies, of the Company or third parties, are carefully selected and monitored and are used to ensure that the marketing messages received through our website or other Web sites used by the Company to transmit its advertising messages are in line with visitor preferences. Our advertising policy is designed to offer relevant messages, based on previous visits to our site, on the pages visited most frequently and on other data concerning the visitor.
      • They are cookies that, when used in conjunction with other information about you, such as how our products and / or services are used, allow you to recognize when access to the reserved area is made and to send personalized marketing messages in line with the visitor preferences.

    Management of preferences related to cookies

    The user can choose at any time whether to accept or reject the use of cookies / pixel tags simply by changing the settings of your browser.

    Most Internet browsers (browsers) automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser so that it receives an alert message each time an operator tries to send the user to the cookie / pixel tag and / or to prevent acceptance. Most browsers report on how to prevent the storage of cookies in your browser or how to receive a notice before accepting cookies / pixel tags or how to disable all cookies / tag pixels ; this information is available in the "Help" menu, which is accessible from the toolbar.

    Below the user can find, for each browser, the pages that describe the settings in more detail :

    If the user uses more than one browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) You need to repeat the procedure with each of them and if you use multiple devices to connect to the internet (e.g., from work and home), you need to set your preferences on each browser of each device.

    Attention : complete disabling cookies from your browser could compromise the correct functionality of certain parts of the Movitra site, such as the normal browsing of the site pages or the possibility of making purchases, until the loss of personalization works such that the offer of advertisements during the visit to the site cannot be targeted based on the user's interests.

    How to disable third party cookies and promotional and targeting cookies from the website

    Through the website you can see how to disable third party cookies and promotional and target cookies from your computer.