the birth of a idea, our story

the birth of the idea

We started from a common, simple need: the need to protect glasses from knocks and scratches. It all began with a friend at the beach. As she bent over to pick up her child, her glasses fell to the ground and, as often happens, they landed with the lenses facing down, which scratched them irreparably. That got us thinking: "We need a simple, practical system for protecting lenses". It was essential that it be something practical and simple, something that can be done in two movements, just like when you fold a normal pair of glasses. From there we began thinking about how to do it and we came up with Movitra.


Innovation, technology, design and style at the same time

this is movitra

We are born to move, explore, change things ,  experiment and  go over our limits.

Movitra SPECTACLES are born to keep pace with you, to follow your lifestyle 

This is the reason why we invented and patented spectacles frames that are able to protect the lenses from  potential shocks and scratches to which  lenses are exposed daily. Spectacles that  can really become part of your life without the need to give up the beauty and the design of an essential accessory.

Spectacles to live and  that let you live without worrying about them.

All this is MOVITRA. This is the meaning of LIVING SPECTACLES.

design & beyond

from a piece of paper reality, this is how a movitra spectacle is born


The creative process starts in Milan, where our specialized creative team works in every design with absolute demand and carefulness, from the first sketch to the material selection and the development of the final samples of every spectacle.


From the final hand-drawn sketches of every piece, the digital design team generates a 2D model. Is at this stage where we set the final details. With all the details made, a 3D model is made, to test the final viewing of the spectacle.


In order to materialize the piece, every part of the spectacle is printed with high precision 3D printers, so they can be proved, and their presence evaluated and approved.


Specific materials are utilized for every Movitra, from acetate sheets, the titanium, the internal mechanism designed by Movitra and even the Carl Zeiss lenses. All of them are chosen specifically for each model and dependently of its essence.


The mechanism is entirely produced in Italy by a company at the forefront of micro-mechanical components production. The cellulose acetate sheets are provided by the best Italian companies, made with the best processed cotton fibers. And the Carl Zeiss lenses produced in its own Italian facilities. All this superior quality materials are assembled by most expert hands, combining tradition and the most advanced technology.


Once all the pieces of the production are finished, the quality department performs an exhaustive piece by piece evaluation, as well as a use test with a sample of each production. Only after passing our inspection, a Movitra spectacle is born, because quality is our only option.

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